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Establishment of a Latin Mass Parish in Fort Worth???

On August 8, 2014 Bishop Olson wrote a statement regarding the Pontifical Commission of Ecclesia Dei’s decision on the Fisher More College Matter.  I don’t want to go in to any details except on the very LAST sentence of his letter. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Diocese of Fort Worth is considering, as part of the development …

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Bishop Olson Presides at Solemn High Mass in Fort Worth

Wow!  What a great night.  We had a HUGE turnout for the Solemn High Mass at St. Mary of the Assumption.  The final count was around 450 people.  It was a packed church. Bishop Olson graced us with the privilege of giving the sermon.  He spoke fondly of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and his Summorum Pontificum.  Remarking that it will …

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