Fort Worth Has a Great Bishop!

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Fort Worth Has a Great Bishop!


Last night at mass Fr. began his sermon talking about the tragedy in Phoenix and Frs. Walker and Terra. He told us how great it was that the Fort Worth Diocese was so supportive. Bishop Olson called our pastor to offer his condolences.  He called a second time to let him know that he was here to help if needed.

The diocese posted the Bishops request for prayers for Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra on it’s website and Bishop Olson even tweeted it.


The Bishop also expressed his desire to be at our mass with us that Sunday, but he could not as his mother was ill.  After mass we all headed over to the hall for the monthly pot luck.  To our surprise, Bishop Olson was there to greet us.  He visited with us for a little while, showing us his love and support and then headed out.  After he left Fr. led grace and informed us that Bishop’s mother had just passed away.  We offered some prayers for her.

As a good shepherd always does, Bishop Olson came to our side at a time of need, regardless of his own needs.  What a great example that is to all of us!


In addition, the Fort Worth Latin Mass Community is pleased to announce:

Bishop Olson will be presiding at our high mass on

Sunday July 13, 2014.

Mass will be followed by our monthly pot luck.

This will replace the pot luck usually held on the third Sunday.

All are welcome.

*Update: I originally wrote “presiding over”.  This may have caused some confusion.  I have edited it to “presiding at”  This means Bishop Olson will be sitting in the sanctuary, wearing his choir robes, presiding at the mass, not offering the mass.