Bishop Olson Presides at Solemn High Mass in Fort Worth

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Bishop Olson Presides at Solemn High Mass in Fort Worth

Wow!  What a great night.  We had a HUGE turnout for the Solemn High Mass at St. Mary of the Assumption.  The final count was around 450 people.  It was a packed church.


Bishop Olson graced us with the privilege of giving the sermon.  He spoke fondly of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and his Summorum Pontificum.  Remarking that it will help to heal any division that had developed in the Church over the previous decades.  I had hoped that we would have his sermon recorded, unfortunately we had technical difficulties with the sound.  I would say that was really the only big thing we had go wrong.  Mishaps should be expected when doing something as remarkable as this.  I’m confident all of the prayers made the difference.

I have a feeling the Fort Worth Latin Mass Community’s future is bright.  Lets keep up those prayers and we may one day have a parish of our own, if it is God’s will.  I’ll leave you with the beautiful photos from the evening.  They can say more than I ever could!!



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Procession Out




Deo Gratias!!