The Fort Worth Latin Mass Community was first established in 1989 at St Francis Village under Fort Worth Bishop Joseph Delaney.  Retired Franciscans (OFM) celebrated Mass. In 1992 we moved to the current location in St Mary of the Assumption and soon after, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter came to Fort Worth.

During the last several centuries, Feast Days have been added, moved, or deleted by the Catholic Church from the Catholic Liturgical Calendar. The Fort Worth Latin Mass Community celebrates those specified by the 1962 Missal. Where there exists an option, the selection is made by our Chaplain.

Every part of the Mass is in Latin (with the exception of the Kyrie Eleison which is Greek). On Sundays and at certain Feast Days, the Epistle and Gospel reading will be repeated in English, but they are always said first in Latin. The homily is in English. The Leonine Prayers after the Mass are also in English. See more information about the Mass here.
The basic Latin Mass has been unchanged for centuries. As the Catholic Church changed its Feast Days, the Missals printed in that year would reflect those changes. In addition, the various Missals are arranged somewhat differently according to the desires of the author and/or publishers.  The differences could be the page layout, and whether both the Latin and English translation are shown for everything.  Also some Missals cover only the Mass of Sunday and other Holy Days of Obligation.  Your selection may be a matter of personal preference or availability.