Welcome to the Fort Worth Latin Mass Community

The Fort Worth Latin Mass Community is a Roman Catholic community established under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth. Its purpose is to make available to the faithful the sacraments as offered according to the liturgical books in use in 1962. We do this in the beautiful church of St. Mary of the Assumption located on the South side of downtown Fort Worth.

Every third Sunday we have a potluck dinner immediately after mass. You and your family are welcome to join us for a good time and good food.

We Have a Name…St. Benedict Parish!

The following is the Decree from Bishop Olson with all the details. Deo Gratias!!

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Fort Worth is Officially Getting It’s Own FSSP Parish

    This past Sunday The Fort Worth Latin Mass Community had a surprise visitor…Bishop Olson.   He came to announce that an official apostolate parish for the FSSP will soon be established in the diocese.   He said all of the paperwork should be finalized some time in July.  After that we will be welcoming two new priests, Fr. Karl Pikus …

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Establishment of a Latin Mass Parish in Fort Worth???

On August 8, 2014 Bishop Olson wrote a statement regarding the Pontifical Commission of Ecclesia Dei’s decision on the Fisher More College Matter.  I don’t want to go in to any details except on the very LAST sentence of his letter. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Diocese of Fort Worth is considering, as part of the development …

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Bishop Olson Presides at Solemn High Mass in Fort Worth

Wow!  What a great night.  We had a HUGE turnout for the Solemn High Mass at St. Mary of the Assumption.  The final count was around 450 people.  It was a packed church. Bishop Olson graced us with the privilege of giving the sermon.  He spoke fondly of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and his Summorum Pontificum.  Remarking that it will …

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External Solemnity of Corpus Christi 2014

We were one of the few masses that didn’t get rained out for our Corpus Christi procession this past Sunday.  I hope you enjoy the photos.                                

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Fort Worth Has a Great Bishop!

Last night at mass Fr. began his sermon talking about the tragedy in Phoenix and Frs. Walker and Terra. He told us how great it was that the Fort Worth Diocese was so supportive. Bishop Olson called our pastor to offer his condolences.  He called a second time to let him know that he was here to help if needed. …

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Easter Day Pic

Proper Prayers of the Mass Easter Sunday

Download the readings_For_Easter_Day   Download the readings_For_Easter_Day

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The Internet and Our Solemn Obligation Before God

This is just a brief review of what Father said in his sermon a few weeks ago… Put filters on EVERY computer, tablet and smart phone!!! The woman of the house keeps the password. Put ALL computers in a public place. Situate them so the screen can be easily seen. Internet shut off EVERY NIGHT before bed. ALL Smart Phones …

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12th Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday August 11th, 2013′s sermon included some information about the Patient’s Rights Counsel and the Advanced Directive.  This is an interview with Rita Fox is a good quick discussion of the issues surrounding the issue of assisted suicide. Propers  

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